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Accent Chair, Suede Wool

Physically-backed Furniture NFT

This is physcially-backed NFT of designer furniture from our partner. When you buy the NFT, our partner will send a physical product, and a NFT form of the virtual furniture to build in your space in Architverse later.

Kindly notice that currently this physical furniture is only offered and delivered in the U.K., and U.S. country.

For more information about the physical products, please visit our partner at

Statement Sofa  Right here. Inspired by caterpillar and Shar-Pei, this creatively designed sofa is made from updated suede wool that is soft and wear-resistant. Multi colours available make it as stylish as it is practical. You will enjoy a comfy sitting journey on this sofa combined with its footstool, reading, listening, etc... We also sell 2/3 seater sofas of the same collection. You can choose as you need.

Accent Chair, Suede Wool
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